With over 25 years experience in music education, All You Need Music has worked with educators, school boards, community centers, churches, private institutions as well as the Government of Canada in outfitting a variety of music programs and music venues. We understand the challenges and intricacies of such a task having successfully owned and operated our own music schools, the Canada Music Academy and the Montreal Academy of Music, which have taught over 20,000 students since inception and which currently works with over 300 music teachers throughout Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa and parts of eastern Ontario.
Our dedicated support staff will guide you through the process from start to finish and seamlessly handle the processing of purchase orders, the logistics of shipping and delivery all the way through to the final details of billing. Our after sales support team is always available for any warranty or service needs you may have.

Contact us by phone (1-888-977-6874) or email us to access educational rates on all items we carry. We can work within any budget and have supplied schools in almost every province/territory in Canada. Accepted forms of payment include: P-card, check, direct deposit (all invoices billed with net30 terms).

We carry a selection of musical instruments, pro-audio gear, DJ equipment, accessories and more from favourite brands like Yamaha, Fender, Shure, Selmer, Ludwig, Epiphone, Blue as well as educational brands including Orff instruments and percussions. We are based out of Brockville, Ontario, Canada and we look forward to look forward to serving you.

Contact: Lisa Barroca
School and Community Support
"We are so grateful for your collaboration in production of local events. Our event last night, Alvarium, was a resounding success and we couldn't have done it without you."
Bill McKinnon 
SO | LO Social Local 
"I have purchased many items from All You Need Music. Their staff has been very helpful in securing items that were not regularly stocked. Both their prices and service have been exemplary. I highly recommended them."
Paul Bullock 
Wall Street United Church