In order to avoid the worst of climate change and keep global temperatures from rising, 1,000,000,000 tonnes of CO2 in the atmosphere needs to be removed annually.  Additionally, the world also needs to achieve net-zero emissions. All of this needs to be achieved by the year 2050.

One action that consumers and businesses can take is to support innovators of earth-saving technology. These companies are tackling the carbon emissions problem from all fronts. These solutions are scalable, however, they need financial backing to grow and speed up their efforts.

All You Need Music Supports Carbon Neutral Shipping

The focus of the Planet app is all about carbon-neutral shipping and supporting carbon removal technologies. How? Well, with every processed and shipped order, merchants can subscribe to the app for carbon neutral shipping.

The Shopify Planet app is a means for both merchants and consumers to conduct business as usual while saving the environment. Not only can All You Need Music be an agent of change by directly funding these companies and their eco-tech, but can also show consumers that we are taking responsibility and doing our part. Hopefully, this can set off a reaction where other merchants are influenced, and that carries all the way up to the large corporations that are causing the most damage.