Price Match Guarantee
When you buy from All You Need Music you can buy with confidence knowing that you are getting the best price guaranteed! Our best price guarantee assures you will never pay more than you have to.

Found a lower price on an item you’re about to purchase?
  • We will beat it by 10% of the difference!
Found a lower price on an item you’ve already purchased?
  • You’re still covered! We’ll refund you the difference within 30 days of purchase.
How to take advantage of our best price guarantee:
Get in touch with us through email, phone or chat and let us know which authorized Canadian retailer is advertising the item for less and what the item is. Links and/or screenshots are welcome.

We’ll verify the price and you’ll save!

Restrictions: Best price guarantee does not apply to demo models, factory seconds, sale items, floor samples, special orders and discontinued or out of stock merchandise. Best price guarantee applies to identical items of the same brand and model. All lower advertised prices must be verifiable by All You Need Music. All You Need Music’s best price guarantee is subject to change without notice.