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  • Trinity College TM-375 Irish Bouzouki Outfit w/ Case

    Trinity College TM-375 Irish Bouzouki Outfit w/ Case

    In the last 30 years, the Irish Bouzouki has come to the forefront of the Celtic Music scene. Played in a variety of tunings, the pairs of strings are often tuned A-D-G-C, and octave below the mandola. The deep, rich voice of the Irish Bouzouki is perfect for accompaniment as well as lead and solo work. The TM-375 offers Great quality, style and sound. Includes a deluxe, hard shell case.

  • Kentucky KM-300E 4 String Electric Mandolin

    Kentucky KM-300E 4 String Electric Mandolin

    The KM-300E Kentucky Electric mandolin is back and better than ever! Truly an instrument that has a style and sound all its own and will be a big hit with any guitar or mandolin player looking to add a new dimension to their playing style. From the very first note, you will experience the infinite amount of tonal possibilities at your fingertips - whether it be Blues, Country, Jazz, Rock, or Western Swing - this new mandolin is sure to create a stir in the market and be a valuable member to the Kentucky family of fine musical instruments.

  • Washburn B9 5-String Banjo

    Washburn B9 5-String Banjo

    Washburn B9 5-String Banjo; Cast aluminum tone ring; Flat head construction;Chrome standard tailpiece: Remo head: Maple base with rosewood tip bridge: Stained light-brown/buffed gloss neck: Mahogany resonator: 30 tension brackets: Chrome hardware; Closed chrome covered tuning machines; Rosewood fingerboard
  • Suzuki Bluesmaster Harmonica

    Suzuki Bluesmaster Harmonica

    As the name suggests, the Bluesmaster has been specifically designed to play Blues music. Its stainless steel cover is durable and has been ergonomically made for easy handling. The Bluesmaster is available in 12 standard keys (C, G, A, D, E, F, Bb, B, F#, Eb, Ab and Db) and includes a hard shell carrying case.