Bonus points

Earning points online has never been easier!

  • Earning points with All You Need Music is as simple as placing an order
  • You automatically accumulate points on every purchase, big or small
  • Simply add an item to your cart to see how many bonus points you will earn after checkout
  • Points earned can then be converted into a gift certificate for you to apply towards any future purchase at

Redeem your points!

  • Once you've accumulated a minimum of 200 points, you can convert your points easily online
  • Simply login to your account and click on "Redeem your Points"
  • Once logged in, all you need to do is choose how many points you’d like to convert and enter your email address
  • Click on “Create Gift Certificate” and a gift certificate will automatically be sent to the email address entered
  • For instant savings, simply enter the gift certificate ID during the checkout process of your next purchase

Share your rewards!

  • Convert as many points as you’d like and send a gift certificate to your friends and family for them to use on their next purchase
  • Customize the gift certificate with your own message for a personalized touch