• Zildjian FUNDAMENTALS PACK: 14" HiHat and 18" Crash/Ride

    Zildjian FUNDAMENTALS PACK: 14" HiHat and 18" Crash/Ride

    Your journey of musical expression starts here with Planet Z – a line of cymbals made for drummers looking for bright, cutting tones with a more controlled and focused sound.
  • Zildjian Essential Plus 13/14/18 Cymbal Set

    Zildjian Essential Plus 13/14/18 Cymbal Set

    Taking its name from Ilham – the Turkish word for inspiration – the I Family is an inspiring line of cymbals in both name and design. Crafted from B8 alloy, I Family cymbals feature thinner weights that deliver washier and more emotive sounds that really ring out. The I family is the perfect choice for any drummer looking to hone in on their own individual sound.
  • Sabian AAX Stage Performance Cymbal Set

    Sabian AAX Stage Performance Cymbal Set

    The Sabian cymbal pack features a 16" crash, a 20" ride, and a pair of 14" hi-hats. Sabian AAX cymbals deliver pure, bright shimmering tones. Like stainless steel, AAX cymbals are cool, modern, and extremely efficient. With their streamlined design and sound-shaping Auto-Focus Response feature, these Sabian cymbals are the ultimate breakthrough in modern cymbal making. Tap with your finger or thrash them with a stick, and Auto-Focus Response maximizes sensitivity, equalizes high and low pitch levels, and purifies sounds by filtering out conflicting overtones. Sabian cymbals with a brilliant finish are highly buffed and preserved under a clear protective lacquer coating.

  • Zildjian A Cymbal Set

    Zildjian A Cymbal Set

    This pack features cymbals that have shaped musical history. One of the most popular and versatile cymbals used by musicians for generations, the A Zildjian line is known for its bright, focused overtones and ability to produce as much volume as the music demands.
  • Zildjian A Custom Cymbal Set

    Zildjian A Custom Cymbal Set

    Features crisp, sweet, sophisticated cymbals with a modern sound. Zildjian A Custom cymbals are made using radical rotary hammering techniques, thin weights, and a brilliant finish. Great for a variety of drumming styles.
  • Sabian HHX Performance Set

    Sabian HHX Performance Set

    This HH Performance Cymbal set includes a pair of 14" Stage Hi-Hats, a 16" Stage Crash, and a 20" Stage Ride.

    Hot, simmering darkness is the sound of HHX. With its Tone Projection design, this 'Modern Dark' cymbal shoots its tone through the music around it. Darker, dryer, dirtier, funkier...

  • Zildjian K Cymbal Set

    Zildjian K Cymbal Set

    The K Zildjian Pack features cymbals with that sought-after traditional K sound. This pack includes 14" K HiHats, a 16" K Dark Thin Crash, a 20" K Ride, plus an added value 18" K Dark Crash Thin. Your box set artwork may vary.

  • Sabian HH Performance Set

    Sabian HH Performance Set

    This HH Performance Set includes a pair of 14" medium hi-hats, a 16" medium-thin crash, and a 20" medium ride.

    Tonally rich with dark, musically-complex tones, HH offers the ultimate in vintage dark sounds. Individually crafted, each cymbal has a unique personality that lets you find your own one-of-a-kind sound.