Sabian AAX Stage Performance Cymbal Set

Sabian AAX Stage Performance Cymbal Set

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Sabian AAX Stage Performance Cymbal Set

The Sabian cymbal pack features a 16" crash, a 20" ride, and a pair of 14" hi-hats. Sabian AAX cymbals deliver pure, bright shimmering tones. Like stainless steel, AAX cymbals are cool, modern, and extremely efficient. With their streamlined design and sound-shaping Auto-Focus Response feature, these Sabian cymbals are the ultimate breakthrough in modern cymbal making. Tap with your finger or thrash them with a stick, and Auto-Focus Response maximizes sensitivity, equalizes high and low pitch levels, and purifies sounds by filtering out conflicting overtones. Sabian cymbals with a brilliant finish are highly buffed and preserved under a clear protective lacquer coating.

Sabian AAX Stage Crash Cymbal:
Explosive, full-response sound is rich with bright, high-end tones for increased cutting power.

Sabian AAX Stage Ride Cymbal:
It is highly effective and versatile. The ultimate balance of bright stick definition and controlled wash.

Sabian AAX Stage Hi-Hat Cymbals:
Highly responsive hi-hats, with bright, clean sounds, that cut clearly at any volume.

Sabian AAX Stage Performance Cymbal Set, Brilliant Finish Features:

  • 16" AAX Stage Crash
  • 20" AAX Stage Ride
  • A pair of 14" AAX Stage Hi-Hats
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