Planet Waves S.O.S Strobe Pick Tuner

Planet Waves S.O.S Strobe Pick Tuner

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Planet Waves S.O.S Strobe Pick Tuner

This unique pick-sized tuner uses Planet Wave's revolutionary Strobe-On-String technology. If you've set a turntable's pitch via a stroboscopic control or use harmonic comparative tuning at multiple fret points to tune a guitar, you will immediately get the concept. Barely bigger than a guitar pick, the S.O.S. emits 2 out-of-phase LED light beams onto the vibrating string. The 2 beams dance on the string when it's out of tune, slow down as you approach pitch, and stop when you're on the money. A thumbwheel selects the right LED output for each string making the tuner specific to 6-string guitars. Since it relies strictly on visuals, the S.O.S is ideal for noisy and dim situations.

NOTE: The S.O.S. Strobe Tuner only works with 6-string guitars in standard tuning and its lights may be difficult to see on some clear nylon classical guitar treble strings.

Planet Waves S.O.S Strobe Pick Tuner Features:

  • Ergonomic pick-sized design
  • Light-based tuning
  • Thumbwheel selects string
  • Ideal in noisy, dark settings
  • Auto power-off
  • CR1620 battery included
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