MXR's M-181 Bass Blowtorch Distortion/Fuzz pedal

MXR's M-181 Bass Blowtorch Distortion/Fuzz pedal

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MXR's M-181 Bass Blowtorch Distortion/Fuzz pedal

The M-181 MXR Bass Blowtorch bass overdrive pedal is made to deliver the hottest sounds this side of Hades-from a tube-like growl to full-blown distorted madness. Because the Bass Blowtorch's overdrive is focused in the midrange frequencies, you'll retain your low-end thunder and high-end sizzle while the overdriven mids cut through any mix. An active 3-band EQ with a mid shift switch provides precise signal balancing, while the Blend knob lets you balance the distortion with the direct signal for the exact tone you're after. 18-volt performance equals increased dynamic headroom, clarity, and low noise no matter the volume level, and true bypass circuitry means it's really off when you want it off, leaving your signal completely unaffected.

MXR M-181 Bass Blowtorch Overdrive Distortion Pedal Features:

  • From traditional tube-like growl to full-blown high-gain distortion
  • 18V performance for increased dynamic headroom and clarity
  • Low-noise performance at loud volumes
  • Active 3-band EQ with 3-position mid shift for precise tone sculpting
  • Distortion and direct signal blending
  • Real-world tested by world-class touring bassists
  • Tough die-cast housing
  • True hardwire bypass
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