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Hand Percussions

  SKU Product Our price
MP-EGGS MP Egg Shakers (pair) CA$3.75
MP-DTBL MP Double Tone Block with beater CA$5.95
MP-TR MP Triangle tempered steel CA$5.99
MP-CL MP Traditional Wood Claves CA$6.99
MP-T8 MP Round Tambourine 8" CA$9.99
MP-AG MP Two-bell metal agogo in black finish CA$11.75
MP-AB MP Agogo Block with beater CA$11.99
MP-TC MP Cutaway Tambourine with 16 pairs of jingles CA$11.99
MP-TDC MP Double Cutaway Tambourine with 20 pairs of jingles. CA$13.99
LP151 LP Latin Percussion Cyclops Tambourine CA$54.99
LP234A Latin Percussion LP234A Standard Wood Afuche/Cabasa CA$64.99
LP231A LP Latin Percussion Agogo Bells CA$84.99
LP305 Latin Percussion Merengue Guiro CA$189.99
T2548 Toca Professional Cuica CA$219.99 (Save 31%)