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Flute & Piccolo

  SKU Product Our price
SFL2100 Sinclair C Flute CA$249.99
ED-77-FR Stagg Silver-plated Flute w/ ABS case CA$284.99
FL711 Prelude FL711 Silver-plated Flute CA$299.99
ED-77-FR/SC Stagg Silver-plated Flute Outfit CA$299.99
ED-77-FP Stagg silver-plated Piccolo w/ ABS case CA$309.99
PC711 Prelude PC711 Piccolo CA$339.99
ED-77-FE U SC Stagg Standard C Flute with 2 headjoints and Split E-mechanism CA$349.99 (Save 30%)
ED-77-FFLB SC Stagg nickel silver Flute CA$509.99 (Save 30%)
307 Armstrong USA Model 307 Piccolo CA$799.99 (Save 20%)
EF6B Emerson 6B Flute CA$899.99
LM-8 Emerson Model 8 Flute CA$1299.99