Flute & Piccolo


  • Sinclair C Flute

    Sinclair C Flute

    Sinclair C Flute - Nickel silver head, body, & footjoint, silver plated. Power forged nickel silver keys, closed hole, offset G and tapered pivot screws, pre- mium pads. Gig pack style case.
  • Odyssey Debut Flute Outfit

    Odyssey Debut Flute Outfit

    The Odyssey Debut OFL100 is the ideal choice for some starting their playing journey on the Flute. Designed by the craftsman Peter Pollard, it is easy blowing with exceptional playability, ensuring your first steps are big leaps. Supplied with a case and cleaning accessories the OFL100 will help you enjoy making music and progress.
  • Prelude FL711 Silver-plated Flute

    Prelude FL711 Silver-plated Flute

    Prelude by Conn-Selmer - Silver-plated nickel silver, head, body & C foot, silver-plated keys, ribbed construction, canvas covered case with shoulder strap
  • Prelude PC711 Piccolo

    Prelude PC711 Piccolo

    Prelude by Conn-Selmer - Silver-plated head, composition body, silver-plated keys, conical bore body, split E mechanism
  • Odyssey Premiere Flute Outfit

    Odyssey Premiere Flute Outfit

    The Odyssey OFL300S Premiere Flute has a bright, clear tone and fluid ease of use. This makes it ideal for ambitious beginners looking for a quality instrument to last them a number of years. Designed by Master Craftsperson Peter Pollard, the OFL300S has all the hallmarks of Odyssey quality. With a silver-plated finish and a custom-designed carry case, this flute outfit offers great value for money.
  • Armstrong USA Model 307 Piccolo

    Armstrong USA Model 307 Piccolo

    Composition body silver plated headjoint. Excellent for the player who requires the warmer sound of composition with the familiar feel of a flute-like metal head. Conical bore body silver-plated keys hard-shell case and cleaning rod. Better than wood if the student is in marching band. The composite body is impervious to temperature and moisture changes.
    CA$1005.00 save 20%
  • Emerson 6B Flute

    Emerson 6B Flute

    The Emerson French style (open hole) step-up flute is perfect for the growing flutist. Silver-plated body, French cups and responsive headjoint options all help the upcoming flutist meet new challenges.
  • Emerson Model 8 Flute

    Emerson Model 8 Flute

    A French style flute. Model EF8 with Y-arms and designed to meet the demands of the serious musician. It has forged keys, adjusting screws, tight tolerances and superb padding plus the colorful sound quality.