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Drum Sets

  SKU Product Our price
CT-W565T Westbury 565 Studio Drum Set with hardware CA$499.99
CT-W575T Westbury 575 Stage Drum Set with hardware CA$499.99
DM-PDCM2215 Pacific Drums by DW Concept Maple 5-Piece Shell Pack CA$970.89 (Save 20%)
SBX0F561 Yamaha Stage Custom Birch 5-Piece Drum Set with Hardware CA$999.99 (Save 33%)
KB-CT1-J484 Gretsch Drums Catalina Club 4-Piece Shell Pack CA$1199.99 (Save 31%)
CMT-E826P Gretsch Drums Catalina Maple 7-Piece Shell Pack CA$1749.99 (Save 30%)
LC2F401 Yamaha Live Custom Oak Drum Shell Pack CA$1899.99 (Save 31%)
TMP047 BTS Yamaha Tour Custom 4 Piece Shell Pack, Butterscotch Blonde CA$1999.99
KB-RN2-R643 Gretsch Drums Renown 3-piece 24" Bass Drum Shell Pack CA$2099.99 (Save 30%)
RN-E824 Gretsch Drums Renown 4-piece 22" Bass Drum Shell Pack CA$2349.99 (Save 31%)
CS-L8323AX__WC Ludwig Classic Maple 3-Piece 22" Bass Drum Shell Pack CA$2799.99